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We offer forest sessions for school, parents and caregivers and their toddlers, more coming soon!

After School Forest Club

Does your child love being in nature and outside? Do they love getting their hands dirty and exploring? If so, they will love our After School Forest Club.

It is the perfect on-site after school activity for hands-on learning, creativity and social interaction. Children have the opportunity to have fun, develop new skills and deepen their appreciation for the environment. We offer activities like nature-based crafts, identifying and learning about plants and animals, storytelling, sensory experiences, team-building exercises and problem-solving challenges. The emphasis is on fun, hands-on, experiential learning that encourages curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.

Children will need to be prepared for all weathers by having suitable footwear, waterproofs and extra layers to keep warm in!

Child playing in forest

Forest Stay & Play

Share in the wonder of nature with your child. Come along and be prepared to explore with your little one in all seasons as they hunt for mini-beasts, make something creative inspired by a story, get messy in the mud kitchen, build core muscles and coordination whilst climbing a tree, problem solve when building a den or shelter, learn new vocabulary on a treasure hunt,  or simply bathe in nature.


These sessions encourage active participation, sensory experiences and gentle nature-based activities.

Be prepared for any weather by making sure you have the correct clothing! Sturdy boots/wellies and clothes that cover arms and legs are essential.

We do have canopies for shelter, but these are still open to the elements so make sure you have lots of layers and waterproofs to help keep you warm.

A change of clothes is advisable as we hope you will be leaving us covered in mud and messy! This shows you have had fun and embraced the session to its fullest!

Bring your own snacks and a drink as well as a picnic rug if you want to find a cosy spot to sit down on and enjoy the beautiful outdoors when you have a break from the fun.

Who’s it for? Stay and Play sessions are for parents/grandparents/childminders/carers with toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Child playing in forest
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