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of children reported feeling happier after spending time in nature.

Stats from GOV.UK


of children said that looking after the environment was important to them. 

Stats from GOV.UK

Children playing in forest

The mission: to help children explore, learn and thrive in nature.

At Little Eden Forest School, our mission is to create a nurturing and immersive learning environment where children can develop a deep connection with nature, ignite their curiosity and thrive as independent and resilient learners. We are dedicated to fostering a love for the natural world, promoting child-led exploration and nurturing each child's unique potential. 

Through engaging outdoor experiences, we aim to inspire a sense of wonder, cultivate environmental stewardship and empower children with the skills and knowledge to become compassionate and responsible global citizens. Little Eden Forest School is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and transformative educational journey that lays the foundation for lifelong learning and a profound appreciation for our natural environment.

Louise Fletcher Moran, Founder of Little Eden Forest School

Meet Louise

After studying my MSc in Wildlife Conservation Management in 2004, I knew I wanted to help shape the minds of children to care for the planet and wildlife. I therefore completed my PGCE in Primary Education and have worked as a teacher since 2007. During this time, I completed a Master's in Education but I was not able to fulfil my whole love of Environmental Education; I felt that a connection with nature was often missing, and my belief that children should be empowered by their own learning could not be met inside of the classroom. Because of this, I decided to embark upon the journey to become a Forest School Leader.

Forest School aligns perfectly with my view of education- that children should be outside, learning through play and discovery, leading their own exploration and connecting with nature. My passion for helping children get fully immersed in their own learning journeys fits perfectly with the Forest School ethos, offering them valuable opportunities to problem-solve and embrace new experiences. Through these experiences, they develop resilience and cultivate a growth mindset.

I founded Little Eden Forest School to create a vibrant learning community where children naturally support each other's growth, spend time in nature and connect with one another. I love seeing children develop a profound relationship with the natural world through our sessions.

My journey into teaching and my transition into becoming a Forest School teacher and founder of Little Eden has allowed me to follow my passion for environmental education and my belief in child-led learning. I feel privileged and nurture children's innate curiosity in nature. As well as being a fully qualified teacher and Level 3 Forest School Leader, I also hold a BASP Outdoor First Aid certificate

Founder & Forest School Teacher

Child Handprint

Explore, learn and thrive.

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