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Let nature be your teacher and the forest be your classroom.

Children footprints

Little Eden Forest School provides children with direct and immersive experiences in natural environments.

Child's wellyboots and snail on tree trunk
Child's Handprint

Nature Connection and  Awareness

Child's Handprint

Holistic Development and Well-being

Child's Handprint

Physical, Emotional and Social Development

What is forest school?

Forest School is a child-centred and inspirational learning process that is carried out through regular sessions in outdoor natural environments. Children are supported to explore, play, learn and connect with nature as well as become part of a community. It is a long-term programme of experiences that offers opportunities for holistic growth through play, exploration and supported risk-taking. Children are able to freely explore and interact with theirsurroundings, which enables them to become present in the moment and become lost in their learning. There is a focus on fostering a deep connection with the natural world, promoting physical development, cognitive skills, social interaction, and emotional well-being. Forest school allows children to develop confidence, curiosity, resilience, and environmental awareness, providing a unique and enriching learning experience that nurtures the whole child.

Child playing in forest

After School Forest Club

Does your child love being in nature and outside? Do they love getting their hands dirty and exploring? If so, they will love our After School Forest Club.

Child playing in forest

Forest Stay & Play

Share in the wonder of nature with your child. These sessions encourage active participation, sensory experiences, and gentle nature-based activities.

Nice to meet you

Hello, I'm Louise, the Founder of Little Eden Forest School. My journey into teaching and my transition into becoming a Forest School teacher has allowed me to follow my passion for environmental education and my belief in child-led learning. I am committed to creating a nurturing and empowering learning environment where children can thrive and connect with nature by fostering their love for learning and nurturing their innate curiosity. I am excited to share my passion with schools, caregivers and children and to help in cultivating a deeper connection with nature for the next generation.

Louise Fletcher Moran, Founder of Little Eden Forest School

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